How to Film and Edit Time Lapse Videos

Class Type: Class
Technique: Educational
Day: Sunday
Time: 9:00 - 1:00
Length: 4 hours
Price: $280 + Processing Fee
Materials: See Description

A time-lapse video is a regular video that has been sped up and usually set to music. We have all seen those videos and probably watch them regularly. Have you ever wondered how you could make your own? You might wonder why you would even want to. Did you know that you can make money off making simple, entertaining time-lapse videos? Even if you’re a busy shop, you can make a time-lapse. After all, you already have to make the cake/flower/topper, you may as well film it right?  In this class you will learn how to put together a basic, inexpensive set-up for filming time-lapse videos, how to edit them, adding music, uploading to youtube and how to monetize them so you can get paid!

NOTE * Although it is possible to film and edit videos on your phone or iPad, for the purposes of this class we will be editing on a laptop. Students are encouraged to bring their laptop to edit along with the instructor in class. Students will be emailed a list of programs and equipment used in class if they would like to purchase ahead of time and use during class.

Liz Marek

Sugar Geek Show
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