March 16, 2020 update:

SoFlo Family,


Due to the unfortunate events across the globe, we have made the decision to postpone this year’s SoFlo Cake and Candy Expo until further notice. The safety and wellbeing of all those who make SoFlo great is our top priority. We understand there will be many questions, however we do not have all of the answers yet. Our staff is working to determine the most appropriate course of action moving forward to address the many obvious issues this decision has brought, while we also focus on providing for our families and staff during these uncertain times. We appreciate your patience in advance and will relay additional information as it becomes  available. There is no need to contact us with requests, as we will reach out to each attendee as soon as possible with all of your available options. We wish you and your families safety and good health during these difficult and uncertain times.


The SoFlo 2020 Team

March 10, 2020 update:

Please rest assured that the health, safety and wellbeing of SoFlo’s attendees, instructors, vendors, and staff is our top priority. We have been closely monitoring all information available from local, state and federal sources and will continue to do so. Proper hand hygiene remains the best way to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Therefore, to be proactive, we have acquired an abundance of hand sanitizing products/stations to be placed throughout the venue during our event. We realize that occurrences of the Coronavirus will likely increase, however we are cautiously optimistic that awareness and proper precautions will help slow the spread. At this time the SoFlo organizers, our hosting venue, nor local government have any plans of cancelling or altering our schedule. See you in April! 

March 12, 2020 update:

SoFlo Family,

We realize that the most recent news on the Coronavirus has raised many more concerns. The ever changing and rapid development of this virus is new for all event organizers and we are doing our best to navigate these uncharted waters. The Expo is more than 6 weeks away, and we assure you that we are constantly planning and developing different options for the future of SoFlo 2020. Your patience, support and understanding are greatly appreciated. We have always and will continue to put the safety and wellbeing of everyone involved in our event first. Anyone who has attended SoFlo knows that we take great pride in outstanding customer service and support, we have no intentions of changing that now. We will have more information by the first week of April and will relay it to you as soon it becomes available. 


SoFlo 2020


March 24, 2020 update:

SoFlo Family,

As you know, SoFlo 2020 sadly had to be postponed. After much deliberation, exploring all the possible options, the team has settled on a new date. SoFlo Cake & Candy Expo will return April 23-25, 2021.


We're sorry for the delay, but we believe, with your help, we'll return stronger and better than ever next year! We have been working with the venue to finalize all the details and hope to have more information in the coming weeks.


Please note: We haven’t forgotten about our attendees! We will be announcing ticketing options soon, answering questions, and providing options for those who have already purchased tickets and classes. Thank you for being patient during this process.


The SoFlo Team

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