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Off With Her Head!

American Cake Decorating Magazine Interactive Display! 

Don't miss this amazing show piece at SoFlo 2017
Make sure to stop by Booths 236 & 238

Created By: 
Sponsored By:

ACD is very excited to partner with Satin IceCakePlay Inc and Icing Images to create an incredible

life size Marie Antoinette, hand-painted cookie frames, an isomalt chandelier, edible period-style sugar shoes, cakes, pastries and more, all set against a stunning backdrop of wafer paper flowers.

All elements of this grand piece will be edible, except for the tables. The chandelier will be created
from gumpaste and isomalt, the flower wall will be crafted from hundreds of wafer paper flowers. The gown will be made from cake lace, flexique fabric and fondant -- with cascading gumpaste flowers and pastries. The pastries,desserts and cakes will of course be cake. Even the pictures will be edible -- hand-painted onto cookies with gilded cookie frames. There will be more than a dozen pairs of edible sugar shoes, trailing gumpaste flowers and small details. This installation is intended to be a visual feast and a little tongue in cheek too.

This installation is set to knock everyone's socks off!

Huge thanks to the creative team behind the ACD installation, Kassy JimenezJoyce MarcellusMallory MaeTimbo SullivanJoanne WienekePeggy TuckerLaurie Collins and Katy Moser-Brandel

DIGITAL ART BY: Oda Illustrated 

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