1. What is SoFlo?
SoFlo is a cake and candy expo where the leading experts in the industry will come together, giving you a fantastic opportunity to connect with them, learn from them, and shop products not available anywhere else! For more information, see our About Us page.
2. Where can I buy my tickets?
Right here on our site! Please click here to Buy Tickets
3. How do I get my hands on a swag bag?
Currently swag bags are available for VIP ticket holders. These are not available for purchase and will be limited to VIP tickets holders only.
4.How many VIP tickets are available?
We are only offering 200 tickets total. We will not be adding any additional tickets - once these are sold out, standard tickets will be available for purchase only. 
5. How do I sign up for classes or demos?
Please head to our store to reserve your spot. Reserve early - space is limited, and no additional seats will be available once a class or demo fills up. 
6. What hotel do you recommend?
Our recommended hotel is the Doubletree connected to the Miami Airport Convention Center. Space is limited for SoFlo attendees, we recommend booking as soon as possible.
7. What type of competitions will be available?
We currently have several competitions scheduled! We'll be announcing more details soon, as well as opening up registration. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with all the exciting happenings! 
8. Can I be a vendor?
If you're an expert sugar artist, supply manufacturer, or successful business owner looking to connect with new clients, we want to hear from you! Please visit our vendor signup page to learn more.
9. I own a business, but do not want to be a vendor or teacher - how can I help?
We LOVE our sponsors! Sponsors receive brand exposure throughout the expo (based on the level you choose) as well as spotlight on the website. If you'd like to become a sponsor, please visit the Sponsor signup page.
10.Can I be a teacher/speaker?
If you're a leading expert or award winning sugar artist with a love of teaching, we want to hear from you! Please visit our Teacher signup page for more information.
11. Can I bring my child?
Children 12 and under are free but must be accompanied by an adult. No minor can be left unattended at any point during the event.
12. Do you offer souvenirs?
Yes! Head to our store or visit the Souvenir Booth at the show!
13. I attend culinary school - do you offer any discounts for students?
Culinary students should request more information on attending SoFlo through their school administrators.
14. Do you offer group discounts?
Please email info@soflocakeandcandyexpo.com for possible group discounts.

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